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General description[edit]

zza is the macrolanguage code for Zaza (or Zazaki). The macrolanguage encompasses the individual languages coded diq and kiu. Supposedly, these represent

  • Dimli, or Southern Zazaki (diq) and
  • Kirmanjki, or Norther Zazaki (kiu).

In principle, one could easily enough deal with that. But unfortunately, the terminology seems to overlap quite a bit:

  • The SIL page describes the "macrolanguage" as having the alternate names Dimli and Kirmanjki.
  • The diq projects—both Wikipedia in diq (sic) and tests here on Incubator—describe themselves as being in "Zazaki". And certainly the Wikipedia project describes itself on its main page as covering "Zazaki (Kurdish, Kirmanjki and Dimli)".
  • The kiu tests describe themselves as being in Kirmanjki (the only part of this that is unambiguous)
  • There are a couple of closed zza tests here, but the open tests in zza describe themselves as being in "Standard Zazaki".
  • It's not clear all these aren't mutually intelligible, anyway.

Detailed description[edit]


  • LangCom rejected the "Standard Zazaki Wikipedia" (Wp/zza) because Wikipedias or tests exist in both constituent languages.
  • This leaves us with two other Wikipedia projects:
    • Dimli Wikipedia, which as noted above describes itself as covering "Zazaki (Kurdish, Kirmanjki and Dimli)", and which has about 10,000 pages (of unknown quality)
    • Kirmanjki Test Wikipedia, which has some 500 pages of its own (recent changes other than administrative edits: 0, as of 16:00, 5 January 2018 (UTC))


  • LangCom rejected the "Zazaki Wiktionary" (Wt/zza) on technical grounds back in 2007. But based on the more recent rejection of the Wikipedia, it seemed unlikely that this test would ever be approved. So the few pages here were deleted after an RfD.
  • This leaves:
    • Dimli (or "Zazaki") Test Wiktionary, with about 2,500 pages (recent changes other than administrative edits: 15 [by one user on day], as of 15:58, 5 January 2018 (UTC))
    • Kirmanjki Test Wiktionary, with about 130 pages (recent changes other than administrative edits: 0, as of 15:58, 5 January 2018 (UTC))

Other test projects[edit]

  • Wikinews and Wikiquote: Both have test projects in diq (called "Zazaki") of 50–100 pages or so, and test projects in zza ("Standard Zazaki") with fewer than five pages each.
  • Wikibooks and Wikivoyage: These tests only exist in diq ("Zazaki"), and have 50 and 750 pages respectively.

None of these six tests have been edited in the last 30 days (as of 15:58, 5 January 2018 (UTC)).

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