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Part ofWestern Europe, Pyrenees–Mediterranean Euroregion, European Union, European Economic Area ꠟꠦꠈ
InceptionAugust 843 ꠟꠦꠈ
Name in native languageRépublique française ꠟꠦꠈ
Official nameRépublique française ꠟꠦꠈ
Native labelRépublique française ꠟꠦꠈ
Short nameFrance ꠟꠦꠈ
Named afterFranks ꠟꠦꠈ
Official languageFrench ꠟꠦꠈ
AnthemLa Marseillaise ꠟꠦꠈ
Cultureculture of France ꠟꠦꠈ
MottoLiberté, égalité, fraternité ꠟꠦꠈ
Motto textLiberté, égalité, fraternité ꠟꠦꠈ
ContinentEurope ꠟꠦꠈ
CountryFrance ꠟꠦꠈ
CapitalParis ꠟꠦꠈ
Located in time zoneUTC+01:00 ꠟꠦꠈ
Located in or next to body of waterEnglish Channel, Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea ꠟꠦꠈ
Coordinate location47°0′0″N 2°0′0″E ꠟꠦꠈ
Coordinates of easternmost point42°16′56″N 9°33′36″E ꠟꠦꠈ
Coordinates of northernmost point51°5′20″N 2°32′44″E ꠟꠦꠈ
Coordinates of southernmost point41°20′1″N 9°15′32″E ꠟꠦꠈ
Coordinates of westernmost point48°26′45″N 5°9′4″W ꠟꠦꠈ
Highest pointMont Blanc ꠟꠦꠈ
Lowest pointÉtang de Lavalduc ꠟꠦꠈ
Basic form of governmentsemi-presidential system ꠟꠦꠈ
Office held by head of statePresident of the French Republic ꠟꠦꠈ
Head of stateEmmanuel Macron ꠟꠦꠈ
Office held by head of governmentPrime Minister of France ꠟꠦꠈ
Head of governmentGabriel Attal ꠟꠦꠈ
Executive bodyGovernment of France ꠟꠦꠈ
Legislative bodyFrench Parliament ꠟꠦꠈ
Highest judicial authorityCourt of Cassation, Conseil d'État, Court of Audit, Constitutional Council of France, Cour de Justice de la République ꠟꠦꠈ
Central bankBank of France ꠟꠦꠈ
CurrencyEuro, CFP Franc ꠟꠦꠈ
Coextensive withFrance ꠟꠦꠈ
Foundational textConstitution of France ꠟꠦꠈ
Driving sideright ꠟꠦꠈ
Electrical plug typeEuroplug, Type E ꠟꠦꠈ
ReplacesFree Cities of Menton and Roquebrune, Kingdom of Bora Bora, Kingdom of France ꠟꠦꠈ
Award receivedLagun Onari, The Economist country of the year ꠟꠦꠈ
Studied infrancology ꠟꠦꠈ
Has facilityroundabout, crematorium ꠟꠦꠈ
Official websitehttps://www.service-public.fr/ ꠟꠦꠈ
External data available at URLhttps://www.data.gouv.fr/ ꠟꠦꠈ
Terms of service URLhttps://www.service-public.fr/P10050 ꠟꠦꠈ
HashtagFrance ꠟꠦꠈ
Top-level Internet domain.fr ꠟꠦꠈ
Flagflag of France ꠟꠦꠈ
Coat of armscoat of arms of France ꠟꠦꠈ
Has seal, badge, or sigilGreat Seal of France ꠟꠦꠈ
Geography of topicgeography of France ꠟꠦꠈ
Has characteristicfree country ꠟꠦꠈ
History of topichistory of France ꠟꠦꠈ
Railway traffic sideleft, right ꠟꠦꠈ
Has works in the collectionNational Gallery of Victoria ꠟꠦꠈ
Open data portaldata.gouv.fr ꠟꠦꠈ
Economy of topiceconomy of France ꠟꠦꠈ
Demographics of topicdemographics of France ꠟꠦꠈ
Gregorian calendar start date20 December 1582, 1 January 1806 ꠟꠦꠈ
Sitemap URLhttps://www.service-public.fr/P10003 ꠟꠦꠈ
Contact page URLhttps://www.service-public.fr/P10017 ꠟꠦꠈ
Mobile country code208 ꠟꠦꠈ
Country calling code+33 ꠟꠦꠈ
Trunk prefix0 ꠟꠦꠈ
Emergency phone number112, 15, 17, 18, 114 ꠟꠦꠈ
GS1 country code300-379 ꠟꠦꠈ
Licence plate codeF ꠟꠦꠈ
Maritime identification digits226, 227, 228 ꠟꠦꠈ
Stack Exchange taghttps://travel.stackexchange.com/tags/france ꠟꠦꠈ
Unicode character🇫🇷 ꠟꠦꠈ
Category for honorary citizens of entityQ8942785 ꠟꠦꠈ
Category for mapsCategory:Maps of France ꠟꠦꠈ