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Travel Warning WARNING: On 7 October 2023, Hamas launched a full-scale offensive against Israel from the Gaza Strip. Civilians, including foreigners, are reported to be kidnapped, taken as hostages or deliberately killed by militants. The Israeli government has declared a "state of war" where the military is mobilized, and a nationwide state of emergency is declared. Travellers are advised to stay tuned with the latest news and information from your country's diplomatic mission, which may have announced evacuation missions: stay tuned.
(Information last updated 09 ꠅꠇ꠆ꠐ 2023)
Part ofMiddle East, West Asia, Israeli-occupied territories ꠟꠦꠈ
Inception15 November 1988 ꠟꠦꠈ
Official nameدولة فلسطين ꠟꠦꠈ
Native labelدولة فلسطين ꠟꠦꠈ
Short nameΠαλαιστίνη, Palestine, 🇵🇸, Palestina, فلسطين ꠟꠦꠈ
Founded byPalestine Liberation Organization ꠟꠦꠈ
Official languageArabic ꠟꠦꠈ
AnthemFida'i, Mawtini ꠟꠦꠈ
ContinentAsia ꠟꠦꠈ
CountryState of Palestine ꠟꠦꠈ
CapitalJerusalem, Ramallah ꠟꠦꠈ
Located in time zoneUTC+02:00, UTC+03:00 ꠟꠦꠈ
Located in/on physical featurePalestine ꠟꠦꠈ
Coordinate location32°0′0″N 35°15′0″E ꠟꠦꠈ
Office held by head of statepresident of the State of Palestine ꠟꠦꠈ
Head of stateMahmoud Abbas ꠟꠦꠈ
Office held by head of governmentPrime Minister of the State of Palestine ꠟꠦꠈ
Head of governmentMohammad Shtayyeh ꠟꠦꠈ
Executive bodyPalestinian National Authority ꠟꠦꠈ
Legislative bodyPalestinian Legislative Council ꠟꠦꠈ
Highest judicial authorityPalestinian Supreme Judicial Council ꠟꠦꠈ
Central bankPalestine Monetary Authority ꠟꠦꠈ
CurrencyJordanian dinar, new shekel, Egyptian pound ꠟꠦꠈ
Location of formationAlgiers ꠟꠦꠈ
Owner ofThe Palestinian Museum ꠟꠦꠈ
Shares border withIsrael, Egypt, Jordan ꠟꠦꠈ
Foundational textPalestinian Declaration of Independence ꠟꠦꠈ
Driving sideright ꠟꠦꠈ
ReplacesPalestinian National Authority ꠟꠦꠈ
Language usedSamaritan Hebrew, South Levantine Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Bedawi Arabic, Samaritan Aramaic ꠟꠦꠈ
HashtagPalestine, FreePalestine ꠟꠦꠈ
Top-level Internet domain.ps ꠟꠦꠈ
Flagflag of Palestine ꠟꠦꠈ
Coat of armscoat of arms of Palestin ꠟꠦꠈ
Geography of topicgeography of the State of Palestine ꠟꠦꠈ
History of topichistory of the State of Palestine ꠟꠦꠈ
Economy of topiceconomy of the State of Palestine ꠟꠦꠈ
Demographics of topicdemographics of the State of Palestine ꠟꠦꠈ
Official observer status in organisationUnited Nations General Assembly, World Intellectual Property Organization ꠟꠦꠈ
Country calling code+970 ꠟꠦꠈ
Trunk prefix0 ꠟꠦꠈ
Maritime identification digits443 ꠟꠦꠈ
Unicode character🇵🇸 ꠟꠦꠈ

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