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Template:Pagebanner "Pyramids" is a general travel term referring to a large number of man-made structures with similar characteristics, namely, an expansive rectangular base, with sides tapering to a point above the centre of the base.

While many people usually associate them with the ancient cultures of Egypt and Central America, the pyramids, both ancient and modern, can be found at a variety of locations around the globe, including:

The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx
  • Paris/1st arrondissement (central Paris) — the Louvre Museum is home to the most famous modern pyramid, built in glass and steel
  • Rome/Aventino-Testaccio — the Italian capital has a famous steep-sided pyramid, built as an ancient cenotaph for a nobleman's tomb
El Castillo - Chichen Itza
  • Meroë — the site of the pyramids built by the Nubians, the southern neighbours of the ancient Egyptians
  • Merowe — downriver from Meroë, Jebel Barkal near Merowe is the site of another set of Sudanese pyramids
  • Las Vegas — a large pyramidical structure is to be found at a Las Vegas casino
  • Long Beach — the gymnasium for the basketball and volleyball teams on the California State University, Long Beach campus is an impressive 18-story-tall blue pyramid
  • San Francisco — the Transamerica Pyramid is an iconic skyscraper built in the shape of a very narrow pyramid

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