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Wy/bg/Wikivoyage:Шаблон беседа:Quickbar
Flag of the United States.svg
Quick Facts
Capital Washington, D.C.
Government Federal republic
Currency US dollar (USD)
Area 3,755,241 miles2 (9,631,418 km2)
Population 293,027,571 (July 2004 est.)
Language English, Spanish (spoken by a sizable minority), Hawaiian (in Hawaii)
Religion Christian 78% (Protestant 52%, Roman Catholic 24% Mormon 2%) other 10%, none 10%, Jewish 1%, Muslim 1% (2002)
Electricity 120V / 60Hz
Calling Code 1
Internet TLD .us, .edu, .gov, .mil (most sites use .com, .net, .org)
Time Zone UTC -5 to UTC -10

This template replaces the HTML quickbars previously used in country templates. To implement use the following format (note that the location, flag, and main images MUST NOT be wider than 250px):

{{quickbar| image=image_filename
| flag=flag_filename
| location=location_map_filename
| capital=[[Capital]]
| government=Type of government
| currency=Currency used
| area=Country area
| population=Population
| language=[[Language1]], [[Language2]], Language3, ...
| religion=Religion(s)
| electricity=Electrical voltage and current
| callingcode=Calling code
| tld=Internet top level domain
| timezone=Time zone(s) in relation to UTC