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English[edit | edit source]

Verb[edit | edit source]

gleg (third-person singular semple praisent glegs, praisent pairteeciple glegging, simple past and past participle glegged)

  1. Template:Wt/sco/Regional To glance.

Noun[edit | edit source]

gleg (plural Wt/sco/glegs)

  1. (Template:Context 1) A look or glance.
    • 1913, DH Lawrence, Sons and Lovers, Penguin 2006, p. 308:
      And besides, you'd do the tomb so well. Everybody feels as if they want a gleg at the skeleton in your vault.

Scots[edit | edit source]

Adjective[edit | edit source]

Wt/sco/gleg (comparative {{{1}}}, superlative {{{2}}})

  1. smart, quick, brisk
  2. alert, quick-witted, keen in sight, hearing, etc.
  3. intelligent, adroit, skilful
  4. (of blades, points, etc) sharp

Derived terms[edit | edit source]

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