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Tininga buing .
Just like the English-language Wikipedia, the Meldpa med-Wiktionary is a modern, Internet dictionary. We the Meldpa people control and write it. It is a sign that our language and our culture that were given to us by our ancestors are alive and being transformed into tools for us to use in this Internet age.
Wiktionary is a which means that any Meldpa speaker can edit it. It is like a moka moka with which we sail as a team working together. It was started by a student at Divine Word University, but anyone can contribute to the project and change or add to definitions.
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Behind the scenes

Community Portal

A page containing everything you wanted to know about Wiktionary.

Discussion rooms

A collection of pages for the discussion of Wiktionary and the words it contains.
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Wiktionaries in other languages

This is the Meldpa-language Wiktionary, where words are defined in Meldpa. For example, see the entry for the Meldpa word Template:Term. To find an English definition of that word, visit the equivalent page in the English Wiktionary.

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Other Wikimedia projects

Our next project will be writing a Meldpa Wikipedia. Not yet started.