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Mizo thumal[edit | edit source]

lí•li•zại hm.?

  1. thing, inchi li-a chhah chhûaka zai, chár-chár tia koh bawk hi[1].

Thulâkna[edit | edit source]

  1. Zoppen Club, Mizo ṭawng thumal thar, kum 2011-a chhuah, phêk 13-na.

Lilizai Background:

The lilizai is a Ghilj Pashtun tribe; many are found in Ghazni (their traditional powerbase) and Zabol provinces of Afghanistan. They are divided into six khels: the Firoz, Suhail, lilizai, Gurbuz, Bado, Saki, and Na. lilizai were one of the Pashtun tribes resettled under the rule of king Abdur Rahman Khan in the late 19th century. While clearing the Hazara people of Bamiyan to make way for the Tarakai Pashtuns, the ethnic cleansing was so extreme that "not even the dogs remained behind". Nur Muhammad Taraki was the president of the communist Democratic Republic of Afghanistan from 1978 to 1979.