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Tihdanglam dàn[edit | edit source]

  • go
  • goes
  • went
  • gone
  • going

Thiltih[edit | edit source]

  1. kal
    You can go! (I kal thei!)
  2. (hun) liam, kal, ral
    Time goes by so slowly.
  3. chhuahsan, kalsan, kal, kalbo
    He went without saying a word.
  4. hmalam hun sawi nana hman, entirnan:
    I am going to be late.
  5. pawm ni, pawmnahawm; pawmzam theih, ngaihzam hlawh
    Anything goes!
  6. (ţawng tuallengah) zung, daikal, inthiar
    I really need to go.
  7. (khawl ilo) hna thawk thei
    The engine just won't go anymore.
  8. (thuthang ilo) darh, vâk vêl;
    There is a story going through the town about you.
  9. (thawnthu ilo) ti-a inchhunzawm.
    "Zalal Uddin", so goes the story, "married her cousin instead of his true lover, Fatima".
  10. (sana, dar ladt.) ri
    I woke up just before the alarm went.

Hming[edit | edit source]

  1. beihna, aitechhinna
    I'll give it a go.
  2. (infiamna ilova) tih ve hun; hun; chan
    It's your go.
  3. pawmpuina tihlanna
    We'll begin as soon as my boss says it's a go.
  4. Infiamna chi khat, hmanlai Chainaram-a an hmuh chhuah.

Lehlinna[edit | edit source]