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This is the main page of the Uiqisaurus (Wikisaurus in Iñupiak), aqiilaaq thesaurus in which there are currently 1 definitions—a Uiqiqaluk subproject and a uiqi namespace aiming at creating a thesaurus—a uqaluk of synonyms, antonyms and further semantically related terms such as hyponyms, hypernyms, meronyms and holonyms. The purpose of Uiqisaurus is to serve the role of an electronic thesaurus—a uqaluk of synonyms and antonyms in a rather vague and inaccurate sense of the word "synonym", but also of other semantically related terms such as hyponyms, hypernyms, meronyms, holonyms. The definition of "synonym" is, quoting Uiqiqaluk, "A word or phrase with a meaning that is the same as, or very similar to, the word or phrase." For the purpose of thesaurus, the definition needs to be adjusted: the word "very" has to be stricken out from the part "very similar". Many thesauri go much farther than that: they list words whose meaning is close enough to the headword to be interesting for the user, disregarding any precise meaning of the word "synonym". The concept of a uqaluk of accurate synonyms is incapable of producing typical entries of 20 vague synonyms. (To remove the confusion, coinage of a new term, such as "similonym", would be helpful, although there already is "near-synonym".)

The purpose of such a thesaurus in general is mainly to help anyone who writes for living or fun—writers, managers, contributors to uiqis, bloggers, and writers of love letters—to find words they don't recall or even know when they recall words that are semantically related to the sought word. In general, anyone to whom the choice of words matters can benefit from a thesaurus, especially one linked to a uqaluq providing the definitions.

Added value of Uiqisaurus is its Uiqiqaluk integration—it links to and is linked from Uiqiqaluk. If ilvich speak Iñupiatun, ilvich may think it would be great to have a thesaurus that ilvich can edit! Go ahead, start editing this thesaurus, and make that dream come true!