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Begin Here[edit | edit source]

Formatting Pages[edit | edit source]

Language[edit | edit source]

First state the language like this:


The **** should be replaced by the rest of the language name. For now, please use {{Wt/got/langname **}}, where ** is the ISO 639-1 or 639-2 code for the language. A list of the templates can be found at Category:Wt/got/langname templates.

Part of Speech[edit | edit source]

Use after that <h3>{{Wt/got/pos ***}}</h3>, using the English name for the part of speech for the ***. The parts of speech are noun (waihtiwaurd), proper noun (namanwaurda), verb (tojawaurd), pronoun (faurwaurd), adjective (hvileikawaurd), adverb (hvewaurd), preposition (faurstathswaurd), conjunction (bindawaurd), and interjection (anakawaurd).

Definitions[edit | edit source]

Then use this:
# meaning one
# meaning two
#: comment or quote
which displays as:

  1. meaning one
  2. meaning two
    comment or quote

Bold and Italics[edit | edit source]

Bold with '''bolded text''' (bolded text)
Italicise with ''italicised text'' (italicised text)

Translations[edit | edit source]

Follow with "===πƒπŒΊπŒ΄πŒΉπ‚πŒ΄πŒΉπŒ½π‰πƒ==="(i.e., Translations)

then use {{Wt/got/ttop}} followed by
! colspan = "number of columns per row" | description of first meaning
| {{Wt/got/langname 1}}: translation
| {{Wt/got/langname 2}}: translation
| {{Wt/got/langname 3}}: translation
! colspan = "..." | decription of second meaning
... etc etc blah...
| etc.: etera

It should turn out like πŒ½πŒ°πŒΏπ‚π…πŒΉπŒ²πŒ°π‚πŒ°πŒΆπŒ³πŒ°.
Don't forget to use the same number of languages (preferably 3) in each row, with the last row having the leftovers.

Categories[edit | edit source]

Fit the word into a category, then place [[Category:Wt/got/NAME OF CATEGORY]] at the end of the page. If you have to create a category, please use a gothic word name, but please also creat that gothic word's page and put it under "Category:Wt/got/Gothic category names".

==={{Wt/got/template name}}=== just shows as

===Template:Wt/got/template name===, so use <h#>{{Wt/got/template name}}</h#>, where # is the number of "="s on each side of the name.