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Welcome to the Etruscan Wiktionary version! This article will help you create a new article, edit a page, etc.

Before you get started...[edit | edit source]

What is Wiktionary?

- Wiktionary is an online free dictionary that everyone can edit.

What is Wiktionary not:

Wiktionary is not Wikipedia. Encyclopedic information should be found in Wikipedia.

To see more information please visit this link.

How to create a new article[edit | edit source]

1. Visit the Main Page.

2. Scroll down. You will see a text saying this:

Ar-a thu zich

3. Under this text there is a box with a text inside:


4. You will find a button underneath saying Ar. (This is the Etruscan word for to make.)

5. Type the name of the article that you want to create, and then click Ar.

6. You may begin editing now. If the article you typed is already created, it will take you to the edit zone. If the article has not been created yet, you can create it.

Or simply do it here.

Remember to always use the format Wt/ett/(your article's name) when creating a new article. Since this is a test Wiktionary, you must use the prefix Wt/ett/.

How to edit an article[edit | edit source]

1. Select an article that you would like to edit.

2. You will be currently in the Read section. Besides that there is a button that says Edit. Click on this button. Or simply type [alt+shift+e] (Note: If you cannot edit certain articles, this is because they are protected).

3. Begin to edit.

4. Once you finish editing, be sure to click on Publish changes. You might want to check out Show preview before saving your edits. Also, you may add a summary of your edit. If your edit was a minor one, checkmark the box that says This is a minor edit.

If you accidentaly clicked on Edit, simply click on the red Cancel button.

Sample word definition template[edit | edit source]

You may use this template when you create a new article about a word definition.

Mekh Rasnal (language name goes here, in this case, Etruscan)[edit | edit source]

(part of speech, e.g.: noun, pronoun, adjective)[edit | edit source]


  1. (definition)

Translations[edit | edit source]

english - (word translated)

spanish - (word translated)

german - (word translated)

italian - (word translated)

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • (add variants of the word if necessary)

Translations are not necessary, unless the word has no definition.

Contributing without any Etruscan knowledge[edit | edit source]

If you have no knowledge on the Etruscan language, you can still contribute. You can:

  • add images to word definitions
  • add translations (some words already have translations in one or two languages, you can add more)
  • correct spelling errors
  • and edit pages to make them look better.

Learning Etruscan[edit | edit source]

There are a list of resources on the main page (under Mal etnam).

Dictionaries[edit | edit source]

Grammar[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]