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ꠌꠣꠄꠘꠣ (ꠌꠤꠘꠣ ꠪ 中華人民共和國 ꠌꠥꠋꠇꠥꠅ) ꠚꠥꠛ ꠄꠡꠤꠀꠞ ꠄꠈꠐꠣ ꠖꠦꠡ ⁕ lbb ꠇꠥꠐꠤ ꠝꠣꠘꠥꠡꠞ ꠖꠦꠡꠐꠣ ꠖꠥꠘꠤꠀꠞ ꠡꠛ꠆ꠌꠦ ꠝꠣꠘꠥꠡꠀꠟꠣ ꠖꠦꠡ ⁕ ꠌꠣꠄꠘꠣꠞ ꠡꠣꠝ꠆ꠝꠛꠣꠖꠤ ꠖꠟ ꠖꠦꠡꠞꠦ ꠡꠣꠡꠘ ꠈꠞꠦ ⁕ ꠛꠦꠁꠎꠤꠋ ꠘꠉꠞꠤ ꠖꠦꠡꠁꠈꠣꠘꠞ ꠞꠣꠎꠗꠣꠘꠤ ⁕

ꠛꠄꠀꠘ[edit | edit source]

  • China as a society, a government, an economy and a culture is quite difficult for us to comprehend today. The changes are so rapid in cities like Beijing and Shanghai and the culture remarkably fluid... China is increasingly influential in the world and more and more people have hopes that China will be a leader... China has ended up playing a critical role in geopolitics more quickly than anybody had anticipated.

ꠟꠇ[edit | edit source]