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ꠇꠝꠘꠅꠄꠟ ꠅꠛ ꠅꠡ꠆ꠐꠦꠟꠤꠀ ꠀꠞ ꠘꠣꠄ ꠈꠣꠟꠤ ꠅꠡ꠆ꠐꠦꠟꠤꠀ ( ꠀꠋꠞꠦꠎꠤ ꠪ Australia ) ꠅꠁꠟꠧ ꠅꠡ꠆ꠐꠦꠟꠤꠀ ꠝꠢꠣꠖꠦꠡꠅꠞ ꠄꠉꠥ ꠡꠣꠗꠤꠘ ꠞꠣꠡ꠆ꠐ ⁕

ꠅꠡ꠆ꠐꠦꠟꠤꠀ[edit | edit source]

Australians must decide for themselves whether this was the land of the dreaming, the land of the Holy Spirit, the New Britannia, the Millennial Eden, or the new demesne for Mammon to infest.


Australia has rightly been named the Land of the Dawning. Wrapped in the midst of early morning, her history looms vague and gigantic.


Australians have liberated themselves from the fate of being second-rate Europeans and have begun to contribute to the neverending conversation of humanity on the meaning of life and the means of wisdom and understanding.

—Manning Clark [3]

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