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All Creatures Great and Small yito himbunguwa lo buku, film, wawu serial TV berdasarkan tuwango buku u tilulade James Alfred Wight pake-pake tanggulo pena James Herriot lonto pengalamanliyo sebagai ahali mongoporasi binatangi to Yorkshire Dale, kota hayali to Darrowbv berdasarkan himbunguwa Thirsk, Richmond, Leyburn wawu Middleham. Dulo judul buku bungaliyo Alf Wight yilala ngoolo lihu to Enggeleti. Penerbit taa lomoli'a gambari boluliyo u bilohela odelo ta'u keke'ingo wawu lopodeyingo ilomataliyo boyito wolo judul “All Creatures Great and Small,” frasa tuwawu u bilulota lonto himne Enggeleti abad ke-19 All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Lumadu[edit | edit source]

  • At first I wondered where Tristan fitted into the set up. Was he supposed to be seeing practice, having a holiday, working or What? But it soon became clear that he was a factotum ...
He would get out his daily Mirror, light a Woodine and settle down til sleep overcame him. If Siegfried rushed in on him he grabbed the bottle and started to shake it madly, inspecting the contents at intervals. Then he went through to the dispensary, filled up the bottle and labelled it.
It was a sound, workable system but it had one big snag.

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