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Alexander "Alex" Rider yito karakter fiksi to serial novel Alex Rider u tiluladu lo pengarang lonto British tanggula te Anthony Horowitz.


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  • I'm sorry you were bullied at school, but lots of kids get bullied and they don't turn into psychopaths.
  • Watiya mohile ma'apu sababu Yi'o lo'otapu intimidasi to sikola, dabo ngohuntuwa taa keke;ingo lo'otapu intimidasi wawu timongoliyo diila lowali psikopat.
  • If you want a round of applause, you'll have to take off the handcuffs.
  • Wonu Yi'o ohila mo'otapu ta'apa lotawu paladu ulu'u, lopatamu po'olo borgol.
  • I thought you were going to kill me, not bore me to death!
  • Harapu'u Yi'o momate ola'u, diila mopo'otolu ola'u sambe mate!
  • It looks like I sleighed him...
  • Utiye odelo Wa'u hemodede'a oliyo...
    • Point Blanc, Anthony Horowitz, 2001-09-03.
    • Spoken when Rider runs his sled into Dr. Grief's helicopter. It is a play on words, with "sleighed" also meaning "slayed" in the same context.
  • Damian Cray to Rider: Do you know the most evil thing in the world?
    Rider to Cray: Is that including or not including you?
  • Damian Cray to Rider: Delo otawamu tita taa hulahilu da'a to duniya?
    Rider to Cray: Yi'o wayi-wayita teeto meyalo de'e?
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