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Welcome to the Tuvaluan Wikipedia. If you want to help but don't speak Tuvaluan, you can still colaborate there in these ways:

How to colaborate[edit | edit source]

  • You can colaborate creating articles:
  1. Use other articles of the subject to create similar ones.
  • You can help us creating templates;
  • and you can colaborate adding images to articles;

The language[edit | edit source]

Important words[edit | edit source]

This is a list of important words in Tuvaluan, which you can use to create articles:

  • Se: singular indefinite article ("a" or "an");
  • Te: singular definite article ("the");
  • E: present tense verb marker;
  • Ne: past tense verb marker or plural indefinite noun marker;
  • Ka: future tense verb marker;
  • Fenua: country, island or atoll;
  • Lalolagi: world, Earth;
  • Tala mua: history;

If you know more words, you can help us by adding them. If you saw mistakes, please correct them.

Important grammar notes[edit | edit source]

  • The adjectives are always after the noun.
  • There is no verb equivalent to "to be" in Tuvaluan. Sometimes, the present perfect marker "ko" is used, but never before the indefinite article 'se'.
  • Normally, verbs are preceded by verb markers indicating tense, case, plurality, etc. When no marker is used, the verb is an imperative command.

Resources[edit | edit source]