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You can use different script converter tools to convert content of this Sylheti Wikipedia to and from different scripts. Part of our mission is to: Empower and Engage people around the world to collect and develop educational content and either publish it under a free license or dedicate it to the public domain. Disseminate this content effectively and globally, free of charge. Offer websites and technical infrastructure to help you do this.

Contribute To and Edit[edit | edit source]

Various script conversion tools can be used for transliteration between different scripts.

Aksharamukha (multi-script converter)[edit | edit source]

Aksharamukha or in Sylheti: ꠅꠇ꠆ꠇꠞꠝꠥꠈꠣ /ɔkkɔɾmuka/

  1. Link = https://aksharamukha.appspot.com/website/
  2. Input Script = select from 120+ scripts
  3. Output Script = Syloti Nagari

The popular saying in Sylheti, "amɾa ɦɔkkɔl silɔʈi" (We are all Sylhetis) has been transliterated into various scripts using Aksharamukha (github).

Script code Input text
Ahom 𑜒𑜡𑜉𑜞𑜡 𑜑𑜀𑜫𑜀𑜎 𑜋𑜣𑜎𑜄𑜣
Arab آمْرَا هَكَّلَ تشِلَتِ
Beng আম্রা হক্কল ছিলটি
Cyrl а̄мра̄ хаккала чхилат̣и
Deva आम्रा हक्कल छिलटि
Cakm 𑄃𑄟𑄳𑄢 𑄦𑄧𑄇𑄴𑄧𑄣𑄧 𑄍𑄨𑄣𑄧𑄑𑄨
Hebr אָמְרָה הַקַּלַה צִ׳לַטִה
Mtei ꯑꯥꯝꯔꯥ ꯍꯛꯀꯂ ꯆꯤꯂꯇꯤ
Mymr အာမြာ ဟက္ကလ ဆိလဋိ
Output || ꠀꠝ꠆ꠞꠣ ꠢꠇ꠆ꠇꠟ ꠍꠤꠟꠐꠤ

Converter app (Syloti Nagri Keyboard)[edit | edit source]

A keyboard with script conversation feature developed by the students of Leading University, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

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Charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Sylheti pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.

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