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Flag of Kenya.svg Welcome to the Kipsigis Test Wikipedia.

Do you speak Kipsigis? Then we need your help!

This series of pages is for a test-wikipedia in Kipsigis. Your Kipsigis input here will be appreciated. The request for the creation of the Kipsigis Wikipedia will be approved if and when there is sufficient article content. When it is approved, all content here would be moved to the actual Wikipedia.

Because this is a test-wikipedia all articles here must begin with the format [[Wp/sgc/Name of article]]. For example, an article about Kenya should be titled here as Wp/sgc/Kenya. (Of course in the actual wikipedia, the article would be titled as [[Kenya]]

Kipsigis speakers are encouraged to create as many top-quality articles as possible.

This test page needs to be translated into Kipsigis.

There are currently 4 articles.

This template needs to be translated into Kipsigis

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Kipsigis culture

Kipsigis people - Kipsigis language -


Geography - Europe - Asia - Americas - Oceania - Africa - Earthquake - Volcano - Hurricane -

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English language - Dutch language - French language - Portuguese language - Swahili language -

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Kristianik - Islam - Buddhism - Animism - Hinduism

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Kenya - South Africa - Tanzania - Malawi - Zambia - Uganda - Zimbabwe - Mozambique -

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Dog - Cat - Fish - Elephant - Lion - Camel - Parrot - Monkey - Giraffe - Bird - Cheetah

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University - History - Science - Chemistry - Physics - Biology - Engineering - Geology - Astronomy - Business - Accounting - Economics -

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Basketball - Tennis - Soccer - Weightlifting - Archery - Baseball - Swimming - Bowling -