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War Criminals is an Instagram group chat founded by Ali Sadaat in the year 2022. Initially, it's idea was given by Molecules, a.k.a Abdulhadi or Mike, a famous mogger who mogged the entire town with his unbeatable sigma attitude. The original members of the group include Ali Sadaat, Taha, Mohid, Chami (formerly named Shamaim), Molecules and Rayan. Hassaan mommy was later added. The group has now expanded with a larger number and variety of people inside it. Some new members are UAM (hot topic), Shahzain (a.k.a Gorlock, NibbaWidNoLife) and the one and only, Zoizoi.

The group's name was proposed my Mike, War Criminals, due to his severe levels of mental and emotional retardation.

Now the group has been diversified and by the addition of new members such as UAM and Shazzy, the group's activity level has reached new heights and knows no bounds. Chami too is indeen very chami. Taha is a black ahh nigga while Sadaat is my Jani. Mohid is a slave of his girl while Rayan is the most hot member of the group chat Hassaan severely needs therapy otherwise he will continue to give digital lobotomies to people online, free of charge.