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In the beginning, yonga (kangaroo) wer weitj (emu) lived together wer were qwop friends. They would always hunt wer gather food together wer stored extra food for hard times. Then keny day when they were about to go hunting, emu told kangaroo that he wasn't feeling. too well wer wanted to stay at home. While kangaroo was gone, emu went to the food pile wer removed some, which he stored in a different place. Nidja went il for quite a while until most of the food pile was nearly yennar used up. Kangaroo wondered why emu was still fat wer healthy, while he was becoming skinny, wer looked sickly. Kangaroo said to the emu, ill go get some karro food, emu agreed wer said I'll stay at the camp. Kangaroo went a little way, but came back to see what it was that always kept emu so healthy. Kangaroo hid in the bush near the camp wer soon saw emu leaving, Emu did not know kangaroo was following. After a while emu came upon the stored food, kangaroo saw him wer became angry. They began fighting wer continued to do so for a long time, emu was stronger but kangaroo was the great hunter wer warrior, emu got a hold of kangaroo's spear thrower, which had been left lying il the ground. Emu struck kangaroo with the spear thrower many times, finally killing him. Emu then got rid of kangaroo by burying him, while emu did nidja he remembered that the spear thrower had blood il it. Emu buried kangaroo, he took the spear thrower turned it over wer put it il kangaroo. That's how Yonger Mear got its name, to nidja present day you will not see kangaroo wer emu eating from the same food patch.