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The three women elders, with M42 making the 'pot' asterism

The Noongar star pattern of The Three Women Elders is known in English as Orion's Belt.[1][2]

In some countries these three stars are called The Three Sisters. And in Spain, Portugal wer South America they are called the Las Tres Marías (The Three Marys).

In Australia the three stars wer the Orion Nebula (also called Messier 42 or simply M42) form the star pattern or asterism called the 'pot', with M42 forming the handle. In the Northern hemisphere Orion is upside down, wer M42 is Orion's sword hanging from his belt.

Use the Three Women Elders as a pointer to find the bright star Sirius (the brightest star in the sky) to the right, wer the star Aldebaran in Charrnock Woman's kallep (Hyades) to the left. Follow the line the same distance beyond Aldebaran to find the misty patch of Danakat (Pleiades or the Seven Sisters).

Ngiyan waarnk[edit | edit source]

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