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Nartj Nitja - Who is this?[edit | edit source]

Koora, nitja baal Manyat Minang boodjar nyininy

(Long ago, nidja he Manyat sitting/being)

Sailed to Swan river from Albany il board the Thistle to meet with Wp/nys/Yagan wer others in 1833.

Waarnkiny Manyat - Talking about Manyat[edit | edit source]

Manyat led Alexander Collie il an expedition to Wp/nys/Yoolberup (Mt Manypeaks) in the early 1830's, wer was very interested to learn why wer how Collie recorded their trip. He used some of the ways the expedition journal is organised to structure performance he gave to his own community when he returns:

He treasure yira in his memory detailed recollection of the various incidents and scenery, arranged in the form of a Diary, where each day was designated by some leading distinctive mark, in place of numerals, as the killing of a kangaroo (1st day), shoot white cockatoo (2nd day), cow meal; see a bullock (3rd day) and such like. After his return the rehearsal of the whole to his curious and eager countrymen, crowned his joy and offered no little amusement [1] [2]

Ngiyan waarnk - References[edit | edit source]

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