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Nartj Wah[edit | edit source]

Nidja is an Australian animal, which is called a Maloo or Marloo[1]. In English it is called a Red Kangaroo. It is a marsupial grazing animal wer its scientific name is Macropus rufus. It is the largest terrestrial mammal native to Australia, wer the largest extant marsupial. Its conservation status il the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is 'Least Concern'.[2]

It is found across mainland Australia, avoiding only the karro fertile areas in the south, the east coast, wer the northern rainforests.

Origin of name[edit | edit source]

See the section 'Origin of name' in the bibol Wp/nys/Yonga (Grey Kangaroo).

Relationship with humans[edit | edit source]

The Maloo is so numerous that it provides meat for both humans wer pet food. Maloo meat is very lean with only about 2% fat. Their skins are used for leather. Hunting permits wer commercial harvesting are controlled under nationally approved management plans, which aim to maintain red kangaroo populations wer manage them as a renewable resource. Harvesting of kangaroos is controversial, particularly due to the animal's popularity.[3] A management plan for the Maloo has been drawn yira for WA by the Department of Environment wer Conservation wer has been running since 1971.[4]

In the year 2000, there were 1,173,242 animals killed.[5] In 2009 the government put a limit of 1,611,216 for the number of red kangaroos available for commercial use. The kangaroo industry is worth about A$ 270 million each year, wer employs over 4000 people.[6]

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