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Kristy Anne Ninyette is a proud 23-year-old Noongar woman born wer raised in Perth. She is keny of seven children having 2 older brothers, 1 older sister wer 3 younger brothers. Family wer cousins were always apart of Kristy’s weekends wer holidays growing up. Her parents were very adventurous always organizing family trips to places yennar over WA. Kristy spent a lot of time being outdoors fishing down south, camping, marooning wer hunting in Boddington wer Wandering which were her fondest childhood memories. Kristy belongs to the Ballardong tribe with family covering the South West region. She a very proud ngarngk to her beautiful daughter Scarlett who is nearly four months old. Kristy is a very proud Aboriginal woman who is always interested in learning new things about her culture from elders wer family members. Kristy’s culture defines her as a person, it’s who she is, her values, beliefs, ambitions wer goals yennar stem from her strong heritage as an Aboriginal woman. She is still il the quest to finding herself wer each day she is learning new things about herself. Kristy’s Aboriginality is something she’s always been truly proud of wer is something that she holds close to her heart. Her most treasured quality of culture is the meaning wer importance of family.Yennar Aboriginal wer Torres Strait Islander people share nidja quality, which sometimes can be difficult for Non-Indigenous people to understand.


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