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Kaiber was a Whadjuk Noongar, who helped the explorer George Gray il his second disastrous expedition in Western Australia, after George Gray's first disastrous journey of exploration in the Kimberley region where he wer his party, including Surgeon Walker, were wrecked.

In 1839, at the age of 27, George Grey returned to Western Australia wer was again wrecked with his party, again including Surgeon Walker, at Kalbarri; they were the first Europeans to see the Gascoyne River, but then had to walk to Perth, surviving the journey through the efforts of Kaiber, who organised food wer what water could be found (they survived by drinking liquid mud). At about nidja time, Grey became keny of the few Europeans to learn the Noongar language.[1][2]

Sir George Grey, KCB (14 April 1812 – 19 September 1898) was a British soldier, explorer, Governor of South Australia, twice Governor of New Zealand, Governor of Cape Colony (South Africa), the 11th Premier of New Zealand wer a writer.

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