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Gelorup is a place in Wardandi country.[1] It is an area of Greater Bunbury in the Southwest of WA, and has the postcode 6230. It contains the Gelorup wildlife corridor. Unfortunately protected fauna and flora in the corridor are being destroyed by the construction of the Bunbury Outer Ring Road (Stage three). About 160 kms of the highway is almost all on cleared farmland, whereas the last 3 kms goes through the Gelorup biodiverse bushland. This section is controversial as it cuts into the habitat of Gnuraren, the critically endangered western ringtail possum. Despite protests, work started to complete stage three in August 2022.[2] Former Greens' leader Bob Brown spoke at a gathering of protesters on Sunday 31 July 2022, saying:[3]

Meaning[edit | edit source]

Grassy area in the springtime.[4]

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"Stage three was controversial ..." at the Wikipedia page W:Bunbury Outer Ring Road#Stages two and three.

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