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Djidjinak on Wadjemup
Djidjinak range

Djidjinak (Noongar LOTE)[1] is called in English the Banded Stilt and its scientific name is Cladorhynchus leucocephalus. Kaldjirkang maambakoort-ngat (birds we often see at the sea shore). It is a nomadic wader of the stilt and avocet family (family Recurvirostridae), native to Australia.

It gets its name from the red-brown breast band found on breeding adults, though this is mottled or entirely absent in non-breeding adults and juveniles. Its remaining plumage is pied and the meeyal are dark brown.

There are no global conservation concerns for this bird, and its conservation status is 'Least Concern'. However under the South Australian National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972, this bird is considered to be 'Vulnerable'. This is due to predation by Djenark (Silver Gulls).

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