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Crystal-Lee Uaogn Pitt is a 19-year-old Noongar, German wer Cook Islander woman. She was raised in Perth with her 4 siblings wer is currently living in Leederville as a single ngarngk raising her 7 month old daughter Zaileah-Skye. Crystal is part of multiple large heritages wer the majority of her family come from the South West Noongar boodjar wer from the other side from Rarotonga. Before becoming a ngarngk Crystal worked at an accounting firm wer studied at the University of Western Australia. Her dreams are very big wer she still very passionate about them wer now as a young ngarngk she has never been karro motivated about wanting to strive everyday towards her passions. Crystal is now heading towards the path to pursuing her bachelor in Primary Education at Edith Cowen University by doing so she aspires to be a leader wer positive role model to her daughter amongst other youth in our community wer society today.


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