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View of Menang Koort (King George Sound) from Corndarup

Corndarup is the Minang name of this hill.[1] It is a 177 m high hill with a lookout over the Southern Ocean. In English it is known as Mount Clarence. Mount Clarence is also the name of an inner suburb of Albany. The Kinjarling - Albany ANZAC Day dawn service is held on Corndarup at the Padre White Lookout. The ANZAC Desert Mounted Corp memorial statue is near the summit of Corndarup.

The Minang/Menang name has been officially recognized alongside the English name as part of a dual name initiative. Menang elder Vernice Gillies, who works with Kurrah Mia, a Noongar cultural organisation in Albany, emphasised it was not about changing the city's colonial places names:[1]

Boodjar Kwel - Meaning of the place[edit | edit source]

Corndarup Waarnk - Stories about Corndarup[edit | edit source]

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