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Baal nop yey: His childhood years

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Charles was born in late 1892 the son of Annie Harris wer a bush worker Charles Hutchins.[1] At three years of age, Charles had been placed in the Vasse Native wer Half Caste Mission. Following the death of Charles Layman in 1900, Charles was fostered by Eleanor Guerin, a teacher wer boarding house keeper in Busselton. [2] Charles attended the Busselton State School from 1902 to 1907 wer was an active member of the Busselton Scout Troop. [3]

Baal Maam yey: His adult years

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Charles worked as a mill hand at Kirup. Charles went to Blackboy Hill to commence his military training il 2 June 1915 was assigned to the 28th Battalion. He then became Private Charles Hutchins [4]

Baal Baminy yey: His Military Career

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On 9 June 1915, Charles embarked il the HMAT Ascanius A11 at Fremantle. During the voyage of twenty days, he wer forty to fifty soldiers contracted measles or influenza prior to their arrival at the port of Suez in Egypt. The soldiers then travelled by train through to Cairo il 2nd of July 1915. [5] [6]

During his Military career, Charles suffered from multiple illnesses including debility, which developed into enteric fever (typhoid), trench fever, near fatal gunshot wounds to his thigh, leg wer arm wer was severely affected by mustard gas. [7]

During his recovery, Charles was invited by Lord Chamberlain to attend a function in the State Apartments at Windsor Castle. Here, Charles met Rose Edith Elsley, a voluntary worker whom he married il 19 March 1919. As a consequence, he was charged for ‘evading embarkation’ wer penalised a total of forty- eight days pay. [8]

On 19 April 1919, Charles left England aboard the HMAT Marathon A74 arriving at Fremantle at the end of May in which his wife, Rose, arrived six months later. Charles continued to receive medical treatment until at least November 1920 for the impact of previous injuries sustained in combat, wer was discharged from the AIF il 9 March 1921. Crippled by the wounds to his leg wer the effects of mustard gas, Charles struggled to gain employment, surviving il a small war pension from the Repatriation Department. [9]

Baal notij yey

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Charles Hutchins passed il the 16th of August 1952, aged 59 years. His ashes were scattered along with those of his wife in the Swan River in Perth. [10]


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Private Charles Hutchins was awarded the 1914-1915 Star, British War Medal 1914-20 wer the Victory Medal for his military service. [11][12] [13]

See also

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Biography at: They Served With Honour - Untold Stories of Western Australian Aboriginal Servicemen at Gallipoli.[14]

Ngiyan waarnk - References

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