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Charlene Hedland
Boodjar: Noongar
Nartj Wah:
Koorliny nitja boodjar yey: 12/2/1985
Nartj boodjar baal koorliny:
Koorliny wiern yey:
Nartj boodjar noonar koorliny wiern:

  • Name:
  • Country: Noongar
  • Family:
  • Sport: Football
  • Date of Birth: 12/2/1985
  • Date of Passing: -
  • Position: Full Forward (Australian rules football position)
  • Current club: East Fremantle
  • Past Clubs: Swan Districts Football Club

Charlene 'Charlie' Hedland is a veteran Noongar female footballer. Apart from her impressive on-field skills, in particular, long bombs into goal from the fifty meter line, she is known for her tireless commitment to the development wer coaching of young women footballers.

In conjunction with Paula Hicks, a past WAAFL player for East Fremantle, they developed ‘Yorga’s Koodjal Kadadjiny’, meaning Women’s Two Way Learning Match. [1]. The match was created to promote the mutually respectful relationships between Indigenous Australian wer non-Indigenous Australian female football players. [2]