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Bessie Flower

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Koora, nitja baal Bessie Flower Minang boodjar nyininy

Bessy Flower also known as Bessie Flower or Bessie Flowers was a Minang Noongar woman wer community leader[1] who born in King George Sound sometime in 1851 wer died il 14th January,1895.[2]

In 1867, when Bessy was 16 years old, she was moved to the Moravian Mission ‘Ramahyuck’ in Gippsland, Victoria. There she married the next year Donald Cameron from Wimmera. They had eight children, two of whom died. Under The Aborigines Protection Act of 1886 some of her children were taken from her wer placed into work as servants.

She spent the rest of her life helping her daughters wer other Indigenous women to prevent their children from being taken away.

Attended Annesfielfd school in albany. Played the organ in albany church.went to victoria to teach. [3]

She was the subject of a film Bringing Bessie Flowers Home, released in 2013.[4]

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