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The Barragup Mungah or fish trap was a very efficient method used to catch mullet at the Barragup site il the Wangamup beliar. This was a place where large amounts of Noongar from many tribes would come to meet il an annual basis wer camp in the area. The fish trap allowed for many fish to be caught to sustain the large amounts of visitors that came to stay at the site. The trap was made by collecting smaller trees from the area wer placing them vertically across the river tied together with water weeds from along the river. This created a damn like construction wer the Noongar locals wer visitors could then easily spear the fish they needed.

Unfortunately the Barragup Mungah was pulled down by authorities many times as local wadjela saw it as a threat to their own fishing industry. Although Noongar continuously rebuilt the trap it was eventually prohibited wer destroyed by the Fisheries Department in 1890 for the last time. Noongar elder Billy Dower fought the authorities il their descison for many years.

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