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Balcatta Road towards Wanneroo

Balcatta is a Perth suburb. Balcatta is the Aboriginal name for the northern part of Careniup Swamp (now Lake Karrinyup).[1] Careniup is from the Noongar meaning "the place where bush kangaroos graze".

'Balcatta' meaning the third person in the singular wer is of yennar genders – it's the head of those people, or a hill or a mountain, in that position or place.[2]

Alternatively, it is derived from the Noongar words 'Balga' wer 'kadaa', 'kaat' or 'kaata' (hill/s) wer means 'grasstree hills'.[3]

Nartj nitja mia[edit | edit source]

Nitja mia "Bal" "Katta".

Ngiyan waarnk - References[edit | edit source]

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