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intergovernmental organization, geopolitical group, regional organization, confederation
Industry Edit
Inception8 August 1967 Edit
Founded byIndonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand Edit
AnthemThe ASEAN Way Edit
Diplomatic relationEuropean Union Edit
Location of formationBangkok Edit
Has subsidiaryASEANstats Edit
Partnership withInternational Fund for Agricultural Development Edit
Headquarters locationSouth Jakarta Edit
Foundational textASEAN Declaration, ASEAN Charter Edit
ReplacesAssociation of South-East Asia Edit
Award receivedRamon Magsaysay Award Edit
Street address70A Jalan Sisingamangaraja, Jakarta 12110 Edit
Phone number+62-21-7262991, +62-21-7243372 Edit
Fax number+62-21-7398234, +62-21-7243504 Edit
Email addressmailto:public@asean.org Edit
Official websitehttps://asean.org Edit
Flagflag of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Edit
Coat of armsEmblem of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Edit
Operating areaSoutheast Asia Edit
Official observer status in organisationWorld Intellectual Property Organization, United Nations General Assembly Edit

Asean[edit | edit source]

(Asean) Bibake wun yi ya sunna Association of Southwest Asian Nations, Enan siyasa be woce nyan eka guwo wun yi dan kin Asia bo. keba, Eza'u zhi tun eza sunsun million 600 Ah man de epe kin million 4.5 (1.7 million sq mi).[1] Enan wuncin'e de ewo purchasing power parity (PPP)[2] Be gross domestic product (GDP) Nan tun US$10.2 trillion eya 2022 Nyin, Nan takpa tun 6.5% Nyan GDP yizhe nan. Eka nan zhi fi ASEAN dan mini enan nan zhi'e tun Arziki dan dozhi yizhe'o nan.[3]

Santatun[edit | edit source]

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