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Nāhui ītōcā cē tlapōhualli auh mohcuiloa "4".

Occequīntīn tōcaitl[edit | edit source]

  • Nāhuin
  • Nāhuinti
  • Nāhuintin
  • Nāhuixti
  • Nāhuixtin
  • Nāuhtetl

Occequīntīn macehuallahtōlcopa[edit | edit source]

Xiquitta[edit | edit source]

Tlahtōlcaquiliztilōni[edit | edit source]

Amōxtiliztli[edit | edit source]

  • This article was copied from Huiquipedia nah:Nāhui; The reason for copying inside Incubator from Huiquipedia (nah) is to improve the reaction and adapt to the spelling and grammar of Classical Nahuatl language.