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Please unlock w:mus: and move the content from this "incubator" project to there. The original wiki was closed due to Eurocentric racists voting on meta: and trying to make the Creek language extinct. All the WMF requires for a project to be closed is a consensus, but more than just that is needed; there needs to be a check for racism. Please globally lock the racists' accounts once unified login is finalized.
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Wikipedia Mvskoke

Heyv Wikipedia nanvk'oset 18 os.
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Welcome to the Mvskoke Test Wikipedia. This is a test wiki for a potential Wikipedia in the Muscogee (Creek) language. To create a new page, insert the title after "Wp/mus/" in the box below. Make sure the page doesn't exist already before creating a new one. If you have any questions or remarks, don't hesitate to ask on the Talk page.

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