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Kennedy Nyarko Osei[edit | edit source]

Kennedy Nyarko Osei
Sex or gendermale Tekre
Country of citizenshipGhana Tekre
Date of birth2 April 1979 Tekre
Place of birthEastern Region Tekre
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish Tekre
Occupationpolitician, marketer Tekre
Position heldMember of the 7th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana, Member of the 6th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana, Member of the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana Tekre
Educated atGhana Institute of Management and Public Administration, University of Ghana, Chartered Institute of Marketing Tekre
Member of political partyNew Patriotic Party Tekre
Religion or worldviewChristian Tekre

A Kennedy Osei Nyarko (sẽn dog yʋʋm 1979 sigr kiuug rasem a yiib yʋʋm tus a yi la pissi la a yiib soabã, Ghana, Zĩiga yaangẽ) yaa Ghana politikã nin-buiida. B yãka-a lame t'a yɩ sullã taoor soab yʋʋm 2016 soabã, n na n yɩ Akim Swedru. Yʋʋmd 2017 yʋʋm-vẽkr kiuugã, b yãk-a lame t'a lebg Ghana Deputy minister ning sẽn geta koobã yelle.[1][2][3]

A yãadmẽ la a karengã[edit | edit source]

A Kennedy roga yʋʋm 1979 tʋʋlg kiuug rasem a 2 la a yita Akim Swedru sẽn be Ghana yaang tẽnga.[4] A kẽnga Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration t'a paam a Bachelor's degree ne Marketing yʋʋmd 2010. A sẽn paam a pipi karengã poore, a kẽnga Chartered Institute of Marketing sẽn be UK wã n paam a karengã n baas ne Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing yʋʋmd 2011. Yʋʋmd 2012 soabã, a paama a postgraduate degree in marketing sẽn yit University of Ghana.[5] A paama a Master of Science degree ne Climate Change la Sustainable Development yʋʋm 2019 ne University of Ghana.[6][7]

Karẽ-rãmbã[edit | edit source]

Nand t'a kẽ politics pʋgẽ, a yɩɩ technical sales manager a J.A Plant Pool, sẽn yaa Ghana tẽn-gãongã tʋʋm-tʋmd yʋʋm a tãabo, la General manager sẽn get tʋʋm-noor ning sẽn be a nug-rɩtgẽ wã yelle. A ra yaa koosg la koosg taoor soab Jospong Group of Companies. A ra leb n yaa Zoomlion Ghana Limited Marketing taoor soaba.[8] A tara radio sẽn boond tɩ Bosome FM.[9]

Politics[edit | edit source]

A Kennedy yaa sull ning sẽn boond tɩ New Patriotic Party nin-buiid la sẽn nan yɩll n yɩ Parliament nin-sabls sull a Akim Swedru sẽn be Ghana yaang tẽnga pʋgẽ wã nin-buiida.[10][11]

Yʋʋmd 2012 soabã, a ra reega a Member of Parliament Ghana vote 7143 n tõoge. B yãka-a-la yʋʋm-kãng pʋgẽ. Yʋʋmd 2017 soabã pʋgẽ, a Nana Akufo-Addo yãka-a lame t'a lebg deputy minister ning sẽn geta koobã yelle.[12][13][14][15]

2012 yãkrã[edit | edit source]

Yʋʋmd 2012 yʋʋm-vẽkr kiuugã, a paamame tɩ b yãk-a Akim Swedru sullã pʋgẽ ne vot 8,865 sẽn yaa 55.78% fãa, tɩ NDC sullã taoor soab a Robert Samuel Ansah paam vot 3,533 sẽn yaa 22.23% fãa, tɩ PPP sullã taoor soab a Akwasi Amankwah Marfo paam vot 231 sẽn yaa 1.45% fãa, tɩ pa tũ ne a Joseph Ampomah Bosompem sẽn yaa sullã taoor soab paam vot 3,217 sẽn yaa 20.24% fãa, tɩ NDP sullã taoor soab a Godwin Boadi paam vot 48 sẽn yaa 0.30% fãa.[16]

2016 yãkrã[edit | edit source]

Yʋʋmd 2016 yʋʋm-vẽkr kiuugã, a paamame tɩ b yãk-a Akim Swedru sullã pʋgẽ ne vot 11,458 sẽn yaa 71.4% fãa, tɩ NDC sullã taoor soab a Robert Samuel Ansah paam vot 4056 sẽn yaa 25.3% fãa, tɩ PPP sullã taoor soab a Obiri Ernest Amo paam vot 502 sẽn yaa 3.1% fãa, tɩ CPP sullã taoor soab a Anim Addo paam vot 25 sẽn yaa 0.2% fãa.[17]

2020 yʋʋm-vẽkrã[edit | edit source]

A sẽn wa n na n zĩnd Ghana yʋʋm 2020 yʋʋmde, a le paamame n paam sull ning sẽn boond tɩ Akim Swedru, ne vot 11,180 sẽn maan 71.3% tɩ NDC sull ning sẽn boond tɩ Taaju Abdu Rahim paam vot 4503 sẽn maan 28.7% wã.[18][19]

Committee rãmbã[edit | edit source]

Yʋʋmd 2017 soabã, a yɩɩ Local Government Committee in Parliament of Ghana taoor soaba.[20][21]

A Kennedy yaa Roads and Transport Committee taoor soaba[22][23], la a yaa Special Budget Committee, la a yaa Public Accounts Committee, ned me.[24]

Ned vɩɩm[edit | edit source]

A Kennedy yaa kiris-neda.[25]

Sõngr tʋʋmde[edit | edit source]

Yʋʋmd 2022 sigr kiuugã, a lugla karẽn-saambã kũun sẽn na n sõng karẽn-saambã sẽn be Akim Swedru sullã pʋgẽ wã.[26]

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