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Emmanuel Marfo
Sex or gendermale Tekre
Country of citizenshipGhana Tekre
Given nameEmmanuel Tekre
Date of birth27 July 1973 Tekre
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish Tekre
Occupationpolitician, environmentalist Tekre
Position heldMember of the 7th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana, Member of the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana Tekre
Educated atKwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen University & Research Tekre
Member of political partyNew Patriotic Party Tekre
Religion or worldviewChristianity Tekre

A Emmanuel Kwabena Marfo sẽn dog yʋʋm 1973 sigr kiuug rasem 27 wã yaa Ghana politik soab sẽn da yaa Ghana Republic a naase wã sull a yopoe soaba, la sẽn yaa Ghana Republic a naase wã sull a nii soaba sull a naase, [1]a sẽn yaa Oforikrom constituency sẽn be Ghana Ashanti region sẽn boond tɩ New Patriotic Party.[2][3][4] A yaa Forest Plantation Development Fund Management Board ned a ye.[5]

A vɩɩmã sɩngre[edit | edit source]

A Emmanuel Marfo rogame la a yita Bonwire sẽn be Ghana Ashanti region wã.[6] A paama a Bachelor of Sciences (BSC) Natural Resource Management (Forestry) la a Master of Sciences (MSC) Forest Policy wã a Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) yʋʋm 1997 la 2001 soabã. A leb n paama a Doctor of Philosophy (PHD) ne yel-gɛtb Environmental Policy from the Wageningen University, Netherlands, yʋʋmd 2006 soabã pʋgẽ.[7][8][9]

Tʋʋmde[edit | edit source]

A Emmanuel Marfo ra yaa Principal Scientist for The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research(CSIR) - (Forestry Research Institute) at Fumesua, sen be Fumesua, Kumasi sẽn be Ghana Ashanti region wã.[10] A Emmanuel Marfo yaa tẽnga taoor soab sẽn be Oforikrom constituency wã, Ghana Ashanti region pʋgẽ, a sẽn tũud New Patriotic Party.[11][12]

Politik vɩɩmã[edit | edit source]

A Emmanuel Marfo lʋɩɩsame la a tõoge 2016 NPP 'parlament taoor dãmb sull sẽn get Oforikrom sull sẽn be Ghana Ashanti soolmẽ wã. Yʋʋmd 2020 Ghana nin-buiidã yãkr sasa, a paama Oforikrom sullã sullã sullã ne vot dãmb 60,156, tɩ NDC 'parlament taoor soab' a Henry Osei Akoto paam vot dãmb 24,747 la PNC taoor soab a Muniru Seidu paam vot dãmb 545.[13]

Komite rãmb[edit | edit source]

A Marfo yaa Chairperson of Environment, Science and Technology Committee;[14] a yaa Gender, Children and Social Protection la kamb yell; a yaa nin-sabls Members Holding Offices of Profit Committee and a member of the Roads and Transport.[15]

A vɩɩmã[edit | edit source]

A Marfo yaa kiris-neba.[15]

Sebtiise[edit | edit source]

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