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Charles de Gaulle
Sex or gendermale Edit
Country of citizenshipFrance Edit
Name in native languageCharles de Gaulle Edit
Birth nameCharles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle Edit
Given nameCharles, André, Joseph, Marie Edit
Family namede Gaulle Edit
PseudonymCharles de Lugale Edit
Date of birth22 November 1890 Edit
Place of birthLille Edit
Date of death9 November 1970 Edit
Place of deathColombey-les-Deux-Églises Edit
Manner of deathnatural causes Edit
Cause of deathaneurysm Edit
Place of burialgrave of Charles de Gaulle Edit
FatherHenri de Gaulle Edit
MotherJeanne Maillot Edit
SiblingMarie-Agnès de Gaulle, Jacques de Gaulle, Xavier de Gaulle, Pierre de Gaulle Edit
SpouseYvonne de Gaulle Edit
ChildAnne de Gaulle, Philippe de Gaulle, Élisabeth de Gaulle Edit
Familyde Gaulle family Edit
Native languageFrench Edit
Languages spoken, written or signedFrench Edit
Writing languageFrench Edit
Occupationstatesperson, memoirist, military theorist, military officer, politician Edit
Field of workpolitics Edit
Educated atÉcole Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, Collège Stanislas de Paris, École supérieure de guerre Edit
ResidenceÉlysée Palace Edit
Work locationIngolstadt, Wülzburg, France Edit
Work period (end)1946 Edit
Member of political partyUnion of Democrats for the Republic, Rally of the French People Edit
Candidacy in election1965 French presidential election, 1958 French presidential election Edit
Patient ofLouis Guillaumat Edit
Religion or worldviewCatholicism Edit
Military rankbrigadier general Edit
Military branchFrench Army, Free France Edit
Notable workMémoires de guerre Edit
Archives atETH Zurich University Archives, Defence Historical Service, Louis Round Wilson Library Edit
Member ofOrdre Nouveau Edit
Influenced byPhilippe Pétain, Charles Maurras Edit
Significant eventpilgrimage Edit
Nominated forNobel Prize in Literature Edit
Has works in the collectionNIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies Edit
Copyright status as a creatorworks protected by copyrights Edit
Has listQ28195738 Edit

[1]Charles de Gaulle General charles Andre Joseph mariè de Gaulle. Charles de Gaulle bǝ lan sun nzu notunaman Sha chasambo yim findin indin bǝ lan kintawu jimada gaji bǝ lan sa,a duwu miyon uskun fillaarin bǝ lan(22-november-1890)

Kenenganze buro yǝ[edit | edit source]

Kǝrmu nzǝ[edit | edit source]

Yim laarrin bǝ lan kintawu jimada gaji bǝ lan sa,a duwun yar laarrin fitulurrin bǝ lan(9-November-1970) Charles de Gaulle dǝ Askar kura kerwǝ France bǝ kureman attǝyǝy siyasama. Shugawa lardi diye ro walzina tun sa,a duwun yar laarrin fiwun laarrin bǝ lan (1959) har sa,a duwun yar laarrin firakkin laarrin do lewono.(1960)

Lamintǝ[edit | edit source]

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