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Alan Turing
Sex or gendermale Edit
Country of citizenshipUnited Kingdom Edit
Name in native languageAlan Mathison Turing Edit
Birth nameAlan Mathison Turing Edit
Given nameAlan Edit
Family nameTuring Edit
Date of birth23 June 1912 Edit
Place of birthMaida Vale Edit
Date of death7 June 1954 Edit
Place of deathWilmslow Edit
Manner of deathsuicide Edit
Cause of deathcyanide poisoning Edit
Date of burial or cremation12 June 1954 Edit
Place of burialWoking Crematorium Edit
FatherJulius Mathison Turing Edit
MotherEthel Sara Stoney Edit
Unmarried partnerChristopher Morcom Edit
Native languageEnglish Edit
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish Edit
Convicted ofgross indecency Edit
Exonerated ofgross indecency Edit
Occupationcomputer scientist, cryptographer Edit
Field of workcryptanalysis, computer science, mathematics, logic, cryptography Edit
EmployerVictoria University of Manchester, Government Communications Headquarters, University of Cambridge, National Physical Laboratory (United Kingdom) Edit
Educated atKing's College, Princeton University, Sherborne School, Hazlehurst Community Primary School Edit
Academic thesisSystems of Logic Based on Ordinals Edit
Doctoral advisorAlonzo Church Edit
Doctoral studentRobin Gandy, Beatrice Helen Worsley Edit
StudentRobin Gandy Edit
Student ofAlonzo Church Edit
ResidenceMaida Vale, Guildford Edit
Religion or worldviewatheism Edit
Medical conditionstuttering Edit
Sexual orientationhomosexuality Edit
Sportathletics Edit
Archives atSherborne School, King's College Cambridge archive Edit
Member ofRoyal Society Edit
Owner ofAlan Turing teddy bear Edit
Influenced byMax Newman Edit
Award receivedFellow of the Royal Society, Officer of the Order of the British Empire, Smith's Prize Edit
Official websitehttp://www.turingarchive.org/ Edit
Described at URLhttps://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/05/obituaries/alan-turing-overlooked.html, https://www.kings.cam.ac.uk/archive-centre/online-resources/online-exhibitions/alan-mathison-turing-1912-54, https://universityarchives.princeton.edu/2014/11/alan-turings-princeton-university-file-available-online/, https://heritage.humanists.uk/alan-turing/ Edit

Alan Mathison Turing sha chasambo yim findin yaskin bǝ lan kintawu shawur bǝ lan suro saa duwun yar laarrin miyon indin bǝ lan sha katambo (23-june-1912) keryǝ lon[1] don bǝ lan.

Bawono[edit | edit source]

Suro bula (Wilmslow cheshire) bǝ lan (7-june-1954). Alan Turing dǝ shi malum (English, mathematician, and computer scientist) bula (maida vole) bǝ lan suro keryǝ London bǝ lan sha katambo.

Kenenganze buro yǝ[edit | edit source]

Alan Turing bula (Maida vale) bǝ lan sha katambo suro kerwǝ London bǝ lan. Yim (23-june-1912) bǝ lan. Ba,an nzu shiye Merchants bula Scotland bǝ. Yan nzu shima (Ethel Sara) shiye ba,an nzu Engineer.

Laminte[edit | edit source]

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