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This test project has been nominated for deletion at Incubator:Requests for deletions/Requests#Wp/fos.

If you're looking for the Taivoan Wikipedia test, please visit Wp/tvx. If you're planning to start a Siraya Wikipedia, please feel free to start creating it below.

Before January 26, 2019, there was some confusions about ISO 639-3 code fos, which some linguistic materials called "Siraya", while others called it "Taivoan". As of SIL's acceptance of change request 2018-088, the Taivoan language received its own ISO 639-3 code, tvx. The test project previously located at this prefix was entirely in Taivoan, so the test project is now moved to a new location, Wp/tvx. Please do not work on Taivoan pages under this prefix any more; instead contribute at Wp/tvx.
Please feel free to start a Siraya Wikipedia test project here if you wish.