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Sandad idFrance, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Francophone Africa, Canada, and other locations in the Francophonie
SpeakersL1: 80.8 million (2020)Template:Wp/dtp/Ethnologue26 does not exist
L2: 229 million (2022)[1]
Total: 310 million[1]
Bontuk pogulu
Latin script (French alphabet)
French Braille
Signed French
(français signé)
Status nokoimagon
Boros nokoimagon id

Titoina doAcadémie Française (French Academy) (France)
Office québécois de la langue française (Quebec Board of the French Language) (Quebec)
Kod boros
ISO 639-1fr
ISO 639-2fre (B)
fra (T)
ISO 639-3fra
  Countries and regions where French is the native language of the majority[lower-alpha 1]
  Countries and territories where French is an official language but not a majority native language
  Countries and regions where French is an administrative or cultural language but with no official status
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Template:Wp/dtp/French language

Boros Perancis nopo nga mantad do iso ko mantad do Boros Romawi ii kitadon mantad do Perancis, Belgium, Luxembourg om Switzerland om baino booboroson lobi do 300 juta tulun id sompomogunan sabaagi boros tina toi ko boros koduo. Boros Perancis diti nopo nga mantad do Boros Latin Empayar Rom, ii nogi kirahung do tagayo mantad boros Celt ii poboroson id koiyonon Gaul miampai no do Boros Jermanik tulun Frank.


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