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Emmanuel Marfo
Sex or gendermale Maale eŋ
Country of citizenshipGhana Maale eŋ
Given nameEmmanuel Maale eŋ
Date of birth27 July 1973 Maale eŋ
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish Maale eŋ
Occupationpolitician, environmentalist Maale eŋ
Position heldMember of the 7th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana, Member of the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana Maale eŋ
Educated atKwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen University & Research Maale eŋ
Member of political partyNew Patriotic Party Maale eŋ
Religion or worldviewChristianity Maale eŋ

Emmanuel Kwabena Marfo[1] (dɔgebo beberi Gyoonoɔre 1973) e la Ghana pɔleteesa naŋ e begemaale die mɛmba ko a begemaale die ayɔpoĩ ane anii pampana, a Ghana republic anaare eŋɛ naŋ areko a Oforikrom Gbandige naŋ be a Sante Irigyiŋ, Ghana ko a Wɔɔ paate.[2][3][4] O e la mɛmba ko a Forest Plantation Development Fund Management Board.[5]

O Nyɔvore piiluu ane Ganzanne

Ba dɔge la Emmanuel Marfo naŋ baa Bonwire Sante Irigyiŋ, Ghana poɔ. O nyɛ la o Bachelor yi Science (BSC) in natural Resource Management (Forestry) ane Masɛɛ of Sciences (MSC) in Forest yi a Kwame Nkrumah University of Science ne Technology (KNUST) yuoni 1997 ane 2001 poɔ seŋ a naŋ tutaa lɛ. O la maale nyɛ la o Dɔgeta of philosophy (PHD) in Environmental policy yi a Wageningen university, Netherlands 2006 yuoni poɔ.[2][3][4]


Emmanuel Marfo da e la a prinicipal Scientist ko The council of scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)-(Forestry Research Institute) naŋ be Fumesua, Kumasi naŋ be Sante Irigyiŋ Ghana.

Emmanuel Marfo e la begemaale die mɛmba ( MP) naŋ be naaŋ, a be Ɔfere poɔ pampana tona kora Oforikrom Gbandige naŋ be Sante Irigyiŋ, Ghana ko a Wɔɔ paate.[6][7]

Pɔletese Yɛlɛ

Emmanuel Marfo da yi are la a di a 2016 NPP begemaale die gyongyoŋ ko Oforikrom Gbandige naŋ be Sante Irigyiŋ, Ghana. 2020 poɔ Ghana zaa nu neɛ eŋɛ, o la leɛ di la a Oforikrom Gbandige begemaale die dakogi ne 60,156 nuuri kyɛ ka a NDC begemaale die bie Henry Osei Akoto nyɛ 24,747 nuuri ane a PNC begemaale die bie Muniru Seidu nyɛ 545 nuuri.[8]


Marfo e la a dakogi zu soba ko a Environment, Science ne Technology Kɔmatee;[9] mɛmba ko a Dɔba ne Pɔgeba ane Biiri kɔmatee; mɛmba ko a mɛmbare naŋ nyɔge a tona ɔfere kɔmatee ane mɛmba ko soe ne so-tu kɔmatee.[3]

Meŋɛ Nyɔvore

Marfo e la kirista bie.[3]

Sommo Yizie

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