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Egyapa Mercer
Sex or gendermale Maale eŋ
Country of citizenshipGhana Maale eŋ
Family nameMercer Maale eŋ
Date of birth25 May 1973 Maale eŋ
Place of birthGhana Maale eŋ
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish Maale eŋ
Occupationpolitician, lawyer Maale eŋ
Position heldMember of the 7th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana, Member of the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana Maale eŋ
Educated atUniversity of Ghana, Ghana School of Law Maale eŋ
Member of political partyNew Patriotic Party Maale eŋ
Religion or worldviewChristianity Maale eŋ

Andrew Egyapa Mercer e la Ghana pɔleteesa, (ba doge o la 25 Mɛnoɔre, 1973). O e la Ghana lɔɔyɛ a kyɛ e pɔleteesa, o e la neɛ naŋ poɔ a wɔɔ paati poɔ [1]kyɛ e begemaala naŋ kaara a sekondi vooteŋ lombori naŋ be a western region poɔ. [1][2][3]O e la neɛ naŋ da daa Papa Owusu Ankomah naŋ da e begemaala yuomo lizare a lɔɔ.[4]

O Nyɔvore Piiluu Aneŋ O Sakuu

Ba dɔge la Kofi Egyapa Mercer a Sekondinaa paaluŋ naŋ be a western region poɔ. O saa youri la James Mercer. O e la gaana lɔɔyɛ a neŋ neɛ naŋ maŋ tuoɔŋ are a paaloŋ gbɛbogreŋ kyɛ yele yɛlɛ kora a paaluŋ. O e la neɛ naŋ da piile o kannõõ sakuuri kaŋa ba naŋ boɔla Chapel Hill Preparatory naŋ be a Cape Coast naa paaloŋ poɔ. O e la neɛ naŋ da la gaa nimitɔɔre a te kpɛ sakuuri kaŋa ba naŋ boɔla Adisadel College beŋ la ka o da baare ka ba ko o gama mine ba naŋ boɔla GCE Ordinary Level aneŋ GCE Advanced Level.[1] O e la neɛ naŋ da lɛ nyɛ soore a kpɛ kannõõ zikpoŋ kaŋa ba naŋ boɔla University of Gaana beŋ la ka o da baare a nyɛ gama mine ayi ba naŋ boɔla Bachelor Of Arts neŋsaaloŋ lombori aneŋ Bachelor of law naŋ e begemaale toma. O da kannɛɛ gama mine a Gaana lɔɔ sakuuri kpoŋ kaŋa poɔ, beŋ la ka o da baare a leɛ lɔɔyɛ.[1]

O Toma

O e la neɛ naŋ piilee o toma kpaarõõ kaŋa ba naŋ boɔla Acqua-Sampon a zie ŋa e la kpaarõõ kaŋa ba naŋ maŋ yele lɔɔ yɛlɛ naŋ be a Akrãã paaloŋ a 2004 yuoni poɔ. O e la neɛ naŋ toŋ libie kpaarõõ kaŋa ba naŋ boɔla First Atlantic Bank naŋ be Akrãã poɔ a 2007 yuoni poɔ. O da e la neɛ naŋ kaara a toma zu potuuro, o da gaa la nimitɔɔre a te e neɛ naŋ kaara a libie kparõõ ŋa lɔɔyɛ zu soba. O da naŋ be la a toma ŋa poɔ kyɛ da are a wɔɔ paati gbɛbogreŋ a na e begemaala a are ko a sekondinaa paaloŋ vooteŋ lombori a 2011 yuoni poɔ a kyɛ da le. [1]O da bare la a libie kparõõ toma ŋa a 2013 yuoni poɔ a kye lɛo maale kparõõ kaŋa naŋ waa libie toma yɛlɛ begri.[5]

O Naakoɔ̃ŋ Toma

Egyapa Mercer da kpɛ la pɔletees a 2011 youni ne poɔ saŋa ne o naŋ da are a ko a wɔɔ paati naŋ be Sekondi paaloo begemaale die primary. O ne noba ba yie la da are, ka ba na la: Owusu Ankomah naŋ da e ana saŋa ne begemaala aneŋ Kweku Sam Amoah. Owusu-Ankomah la da di a primary saŋa ne o da ba are a 2016 begemaale vootuu a ko a wɔɔ paati. A yi a Owusu-Ankomah naŋ da ba la are ana begemaale die kogi ŋa Sana ne o naŋ da di kpɛlɛɛ bunu.[6] Egyapa Mercer yoŋ la da are a May 2015 primary vootuu.[7]

O Begemaale Die Kpeɛbo Vooten

Egyapa Mercer da peelee o launched his campaign a bebiri 14 August 2016 poɔ a Sekondi poɔ. During the launch, various speakers, including Alan John Kyerematen, advised the constituents to vote for Egyapa Mercer and Nana Akuffo-Addo as their parliamentarian and president respectively.[8] Prior to the December 2016 elections, several activities were organized to showcase the various candidates to the constituents. One of these was the constituency debate for the various candidates of the political parties at the Sekondi Methodist Park.[9] Egyapa Mercer won the parliamentary election by defeating Emmanuel Assifuah of the National Democratic Congress, Daniel Essuman of the Progressive People's Party, and Peter Arthur of the Convention People's Party. Egyapa Mercer polled 16,839 votes, representing 59.47% of the total valid votes.[10]

O Begemaale Leɛbo

As a Member of Parliament, Egyapa Mercer engaged actively with his constituents and fulfilled promises he had made on the campaign trail. Some of his engagements included the donation of five desktop computers and accessories costing US$4,000 to the Sekondi Library. This was to improve teaching and learning in the constituency. [11]He also helped repay the debt owed the Ghana Football Association by Sekondi Eleven Wise, a Division 1 league club based in the constituency, with a contribution of GH₵5,000; other supporters paid the remaining GH₵1,300 toward officiating fees[12]

Sommo yizie

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