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Daniel Nsala Wakpal
Sex or gendermale Maale eŋ
Country of citizenshipGhana Maale eŋ
Name in native languageDaniel Nsala Wakpal Maale eŋ
Given nameDaniel Maale eŋ
Family nameWakpal Maale eŋ
Date of birth15 March 1975 Maale eŋ
Place of birthSaboba Maale eŋ
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish, Konkomba Maale eŋ
Occupationpolitician Maale eŋ
Position heldMember of the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana Maale eŋ
Work locationNorthern Region Maale eŋ
Member of political partyNational Democratic Congress Maale eŋ
Candidacy in election2020 Ghanaian general election Maale eŋ
Religion or worldviewChristianity Maale eŋ

Daniel Nsala Wakpal (ba dɔge o la 15 March 1975) O e la Gaana pɔletiseɛŋ neɛ kaŋa na be a kataweɛ paati poɔ. O e la a Gaana palamɛti neɛ na are ko Kpandai paaloŋ, a Northern Irigyin a Gaana paaloŋ poɔ.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

O e la Hon, kyɛ naŋ e a Gaana palamɛti neɛ naŋ are ko a Kpandai paaloŋ.

O Nyɔvore Piiloŋ Ane O Sakuuri Yɛlɛ

Wakpal baa la a Saboba.O naŋ taa la o Master of Arts in Local Government Administration and Organisation.[7][8][9]

Sommo Yizie

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