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Cape Coast South Constituency
constituency of the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana
CountryGhana Maale eŋ
Located in the administrative territorial entityCentral Region Maale eŋ

Cape Coast South sɛŋ e la a paaloo kaŋa naŋ are ko a Ghana begemaale die.

Ba maŋ vootu la begemaale die mɛmba neŋyeni tuuro a yageroŋ nu-neɛ sobie.

A Cape Coast South sɛŋ be la a Cape Coast Metropolitan Assamble naŋ be a Fante Irigyiŋ poɔ, Ghana[1].

Begemaale Die Mɛmbare

Vootiŋ Mɛmbare Paati
2016 Kweku G. Ricketts-Hagan National Democratic Congress

Kaa Kyɛ Meŋ.

Sommo Yizie

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