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This series of pages is for a test-wikipedia in the Cia-Cia language.

Your Cia-Cia input here will be appreciated. The request for the creation of the Cia-Cia Wikipidia will be approved if and when there is sufficient article content. When it is approved, all content here would be moved to the actual Wikipedia.

Because this is a test-wikipedia all articles here must begin with the format [[Wp/cia/Name of article]]. For example, an article about Cia-Cia should be titled here as 바하사 찌아찌아. (Of course in the actual wikipedia, the article would be titled as [[바하사 찌아찌아]].)

Cia-Cia speakers are encouraged to create as many top-quality articles as possible.

There are currently 6 articles.

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