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(I am not sure if the chinook jargon version of this is of perfect quality. I have used the classic chinook jargon spelling because it is easier to type and probably easier for newcomers to understand.)

(Wake nika kumtuks spose delate kloshe nika chinook tsum kopa okoke pepah. Yakwa nika mamook "olman" chinook tsum, kehwa weght-easy spose mamook-tsum okoke, pi klonas weght-easy spose chee-chako klaska nanitch okoke.)


Wikipedia kopa Chinook wawa okoke. Okoke Wikipedia chako tenas kopa 2005 sno. Kopa 2020 sno yaka mokst-moon, nesika tohan wake siah tukamonuk pe kwinnum-tahtlelum pepah. Nowitka, hiyu yootskat hiyu okoke pipa.

POSSUM chowg yaka mamook-tzum okoke pepah, pe yaka potlatch hiyu mahsee spose Haruo, Nvolut, ISO 369-3 nds, pe konaway huloima tillicum kopa okoke Wiki, pe weght Jon Gua.

Khata kloshe mika mamook-tzum yakwa?[edit | edit source]

Hayu mesika tikegh mamook-killapie okoke lelang, pi nika kumtuks kahta mika tikegh okoke. Delate, ikt hyas ikta kopa okoke illahee yaka ankuttie-time Chinook, keschi wake hiyu tillicum kumtuks spose chinook. Nika tumtum: kloshe weght tillicum klaska kumtuks spose Chinook wawa. Spose mika mamook-tsum kopa okoke wiki, hiyu mika mamook elan spose mamook-killapie okoke lalang, pe weght mika mamook-kumtuks hayu tillicum: chinook lalang mitlite.

Nowitka, nika kumtuks, hiyu kull spose klap tillicum spose delate klaska tikegh mamook-tsum kopa Wikipedia, pi nowitka wake nika iskam hiyu heehee kanchi nika mamook-tsum yakwa. Kuschi, kehwa hiyu tenas okoke Wikipedia, hiyu easy spose mika klap iktas spose mamook-tsum yakwa.

Kloshe konaway tillicum spose klaska kumtuks tenas chinook klaska mamook-tzum yakwa (spose tikegh,) kehwa hiyu tenas hiyu nesika pepah.

Khata mika mamook-tsum yakwa?[edit | edit source]

Kahta mika mamook ikt chee pepah[edit | edit source]

Kopa tyee pepah, mika klap ikt kosagh-pchegh tsiltsil kunamokst okoke tsum: "munk-chxi-pipa". Mamook-tsum maika chee pepah yaka nim kopa tkope illahee saghalie okoke tsiltsil.

  • Kloshe konaway pepa tohan "Wp/chn/" elip klaska name, kopa URL, kakwa okoke: okoke pepa "Q'alis" yaka delate name "Wp/chn/Q'alis".
  • Kloshe spose hyas ikt pepah ebe name-iktah yaka name yaka elip tsum-ikta. Nika kumtuks, wake Grande Ronde tillicum klaska mamook-hiyas klaska wawa-ikta, keschie spose tenas ikt pepah-name yaka elip tsum-ikta, huloima iktas chako. Weght, ankuttie JHSBot yaka mamook-hias kanawi pepah kopa okoke wiki, pi wake nika kumtuks peshak okoke.

Kimtah okoke, mika mamook okoke "munk-chxi-pipa" tsiltsil, pi alta mika mamook-tsum mika pepah. Mamook tsum pepah spose konaway iktas spose mika tikegh mamook tsum. Kloshe kanawi ikta spose mika mamook-tsum yakwa, kehwa alta weght-hiyas okoke kumtuks-book.

Kahta hayas ikt kloshe pepa?[edit | edit source]

Nika wawa: kloshe spose elip 800 bytes kanawi pepah kopa Chinook-Wikipedia. Delate wake hiyu okoke. Kloshe spose kopet mesika mamook okoke ikta:

ㅤㅤdret tənəs ukuk pipa. mayka munk yeʔlan Wikipitiya pus munk-manaqi-hayash ukuk pipa.ㅤㅤ


spose elip tenas kopa 800 bytes ikt pepah.

Kahta mika mamook-tsum mika pepa[edit | edit source]

Mamook-tsum maika pepa kahta mika tikegh. Spose mika mamook "chinook pepah" kopa mika pepah, weght mamook "boston-pepah" kopa olsame pepah, kehwa wake kloshe unicode yaka chinook pepa, pe kopet kakwa lakaset hiyu tillicum klaska nanitch chinook pepah.

pi kʰəpit kakwa lakʰaset hayu tilixam ɬaska nanich chinuk pipa.

𛰂𛱆 𛰅𛱁𛰂𛱆𛰃 𛰅𛱁𛰅𛱜 𛰆𛱁𛰅𛱁𛰜𛱆𛰃 𛰀𛱁𛱆𛱅 𛰃𛱆𛰆𛱆𛰅𛱁𛰏 𛰃𛰆𛱁𛰜𛰅𛱁 𛱔𛱁𛱔𛱆𛰣 𛰣𛱆𛱔𛱅𛰅 𛰂𛱆𛰂𛱁.

Kahta nesika mamook-delate okoke Wikipedia?[edit | edit source]

Spose nesika tohan klone tilikum spose klaska mamook-tsum "hiyu" iktas yakwa (nesika wawa "hiyu" spose tahtlelum ikta kopa ikt moon), chinook-wawa wikipedia chako kopa delate wikipedia, kakwa "chn.wikipedia.org." Spose nika (POSSUM chowg) kwanisum mamook-tsum yakwa, kloshe nesika iskum kopet mokst huloima tillicum yakwa. Kopa cole 2021, nesika tohan mokst tillicum kopa okoke wiki: ISO 369-3 nds pe Minorax (wake yaka kumtuks chinook.)

Alta nesika tohan mokst tillicum: nika (pi wake kloshe nika kumtuks chinook) pi Jon Gua (delate wake yaka kumtuks chinook, but klonas yaka tikegh chako-kumtuks chinook.)

Kloshe nesika tohan klone tillicum spose klaska mamook-tsum "hiyu" iktas yakwa, kopa klone (ebe klonass lakit) moon halo-kopet. Alta nesika mamook-kopet okoke kopa kopet ikt moon kopa okoke klone.

Alki nesika wawa kopa hayu tillicum kopa konaway illahee: nesika mamook ikt Wikipedia kopa chinook. Kloshe mesika wawa kopa hiyu tillicum kopa internet, delate nesika tikegh chee tillicum. Weght kloshe mika wawa kopa nika (Possum Chowg) pi Jon Gua (Caro de Segeda) kopa Facebook.

Hiyu mahsee kopa konaway tillicums spose klaska nanitch okoke! Alki kunamokst nesika mamook delate pe hias okoke kumtuks-book!


This is the Chinook Jargon version of Wikipedia, created in 2005. As of February 2020 it has about a hundred and fifty pages. Most of these are fairly short, of course.

This page was written by POSSUM chowg, with many thanks to Haruo, Nvolut, ISO 369-3 nds, all my other predecessors on this wiki, as well as Jon Gua.

Why to contribute?[edit | edit source]

So many of you guys want to revive this pidgin language, and I can see why. The Chinook Jargon is, after all, a major yet surprisingly obscure part of the history of the Pacific Northwest, and even I believe that it deserves more recognition than it gets. Contributing to the Chinook Wikipedia would be a big step towards reviving the Jargon, or at least making it better-known.

I know very well by now that it's pretty hard to convince your average Joe to edit Wikipedia, and of course it isn't very fun to edit Wikipedia either. However, since this version of Wikipedia is so small, you do not need to search very far to find substance to add to the articles.

The pages are currently so short and simple that anyone who knows even a little bit of Chinook can make a good amount of contributions.

How to contribute?[edit | edit source]

Creating a page[edit | edit source]

On the front page, there is a button labelled "munk-chxi-pipa". Type article names into the bar above it.

  • All articles should have "Wp/chn/" before their titles in the URL's. For example, the page "Q'alis" is internally "Wp/chn/Q'alis".
  • The first letter of an article or category's title should be capitalized. I know that at the grande ronde community they do not capitalize words at the beginnings of sentences, but lowercase titles have caused some strange issues. Also, JHSBot capitalized every single page on this wiki a while back, so it basically is the reason why this recommendation exists.

Now you click the "munk-chxi-pipa" button, and start writing your article... this article can be about basically whatever you want. We'll take anything as long as it means this tiny wikipedia can be expanded.

Article size[edit | edit source]

I've recommended that each article on Chinook Jargon Wikipedia should be at least 800 bytes. That's not really that much, to be honest. The "stub" template (Template:Wp/chn/TenasPipa) should only be used if a page is less than 800 bytes.

Spelling[edit | edit source]

Spell words however you want, but if you are writing in the Duployan shorthand (chinuk pipa), please provide a Latin-alphabet transcription, since unicode support for the Shorthand is rudimentary, and on many people's screens the Duployan shorthand only appears as boxes.

pi kʰəpit kakwa lakʰaset hayu tilixam ɬaska nanich chinuk pipa.

𛰂𛱆 𛰅𛱁𛰂𛱆𛰃 𛰅𛱁𛰅𛱜 𛰆𛱁𛰅𛱁𛰜𛱆𛰃 𛰀𛱁𛱆𛱅 𛰃𛱆𛰆𛱆𛰅𛱁𛰏 𛰃𛰆𛱁𛰜𛰅𛱁 𛱔𛱁𛱔𛱆𛰣 𛰣𛱆𛱔𛱅𛰅 𛰂𛱆𛰂𛱁.

How can we get this on Wikipedia itself?[edit | edit source]

If we can get three people to actively contribute to this encyclopedia (with "actively" meaning ten edits in a month), it will be considered eligible to become an official version of Wikipedia under chn.wikipedia.org. As long as I (POSSUM chowg) stick around here, we will only need two new contributors.

For a time in 2021, there were two "active" contributors to the wiki, those being ISO 369-3 nds and Minorax (who does not know any Chinook Jargon.)

Now there are also two editors, those being me (who doesn't speak Chinook all that well) and Jon Gua (who doesn't speak it at all but has showed some interest in learning it.)

We should have three "active" users for three (or possibly four) straight months. So far we only have had three "active users" for one month out of this three.

Let's all get the word out, all over the place, that we're making a Chinook Jargon version of Wikipedia. Mention it all over the internet as well, you can contact me (Possum Chowg) and Jon Gua (Caro de Segeda) on Facebook as well. hayu masi kʰapa kʰanawi tilixam pus ɬaska nanich ukuk! aɬqi kʰanumakwst nsayka munk dilet pi hayash ukuk kəmtəks-buk!

qʰata pus munk "Chinook wawa tilde" t’səm-laplash. (How to use the "Chinook wawa tilde" keyboard.)[edit | edit source]

alta dret manaqi-iysi mayka munk-t’səm kʰapa chinuk-wawa.

pus mayka munk-t’səm ~l, ukuk t’səm chaku ɬ. pus mayka munk-t’səm ~e, ukuk t’səm chaku ə. wəx̣t:

  • ~? chaku ʔ
  • ~' chaku
  • ~x chaku
  • ~h chaku ʰ